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New to Boca...[View Complete Thread] Jyoti M. Friends 12/19/2023
Looking to make new friends...[View Complete Thread] Valerie P. Friends 11/15/2023
Residential areas to look for If working in juno beach...[View Complete Thread] Neha R. Housing/School Community 1/28/2023
Finding Roomate/apartment near palm beach garden...[View Complete Thread] Vishith Sai Goud J. Housing/School Community 1/27/2023
Apartments with indian population and pre school...[View Complete Thread] Sudhakar Reddy K. Housing/School Community 12/14/2022
moving to Fort Lauderdale...[View Complete Thread] Nikhita K. Housing/School Community 11/20/2022
New to Pompano Beach...[View Complete Thread] Vikas B. General 10/18/2022
Whatsapp or Telegram grp for Desi in Fort lauderdale and around...[View Complete Thread] uzair k. Friends 4/27/2022
social circle...[View Complete Thread] Rahul G. Friends 4/21/2022
Moving to Fort Lauderdale FL...[View Complete Thread] uzair k. Beauty/Health & Lifestyle 3/21/2022
3 months accommodation during summer for internship purpose...[View Complete Thread] Rishabh J. Housing/School Community 3/19/2022
Moving to Sunrise...[View Complete Thread] Viveka K. Housing/School Community 2/27/2022
Apartments in Boca Raton...[View Complete Thread] Divyani K. Beauty/Health & Lifestyle 8/3/2021
Looking for a room/house/apt rental for 1 month in FLL...[View Complete Thread] San V. Housing/School Community 7/1/2021
Friends...[View Complete Thread] Divyani K. Friends 12/27/2020
Indian communities in and near doral...[View Complete Thread] Lokesh G. General 11/15/2020
Immigration...[View Complete Thread] Raju G. General 6/11/2020
Looking for a house...[View Complete Thread] Sivashanmugam S. Housing/School Community 2/24/2020
Indian community and good rating Elementary school in Boca Raton ...[View Complete Thread] Rums C. Housing/School Community 11/14/2019
Toddler Play dates...[View Complete Thread] P A. Kids 10/2/2019
any Bengali community...[View Complete Thread] avik c. General 9/6/2019
moving to fort lauderdale, FL...[View Complete Thread] Prashant S. Housing/School Community 9/3/2019
Shifting to Miramar/Miami ,Florida in next 3 month from India...[View Complete Thread] KUMAR A. Housing/School Community 6/26/2019
I am likely to move to Miramar area FL in May last week. Going to join RCL office. Please suggest me the locality or apartment where Desi people live. ...[View Complete Thread] Shailendra Kumar A. Housing/School Community 5/15/2019
Telugu and tamil community in Pembroke Pines ...[View Complete Thread] Neeraja R. Friends 4/19/2019
Looking for a company...[View Complete Thread] Sowmya L. General 4/19/2019
Moving to Hollywood Fl...[View Complete Thread] ajay g. Housing/School Community 12/13/2018
Moving to Miami...[View Complete Thread] Shailender K. Housing/School Community 12/13/2018
Rental appartment or condo...[View Complete Thread] Pujan D. General 12/9/2018
Looking for Accommodation - Single Male...[View Complete Thread] Samson Suresh M. Housing/School Community 11/20/2018
Moving to Miami...[View Complete Thread] Sunder N. Housing/School Community 8/21/2018
Recommendation for apartments...[View Complete Thread] Neha O. Housing/School Community 6/13/2018
New to Miami; Looking for like minded friends ...[View Complete Thread] jyothi r. Friends 6/8/2018
Any Indian living in Hamilton on the Bay?...[View Complete Thread] jyothi r. Friends 6/8/2018
Looking for Indian community...[View Complete Thread] Manjusha M. Housing/School Community 1/20/2018
Private School For 9 Year Old...[View Complete Thread] Kunal T. Kids 12/9/2017
Need information regarding good elementary school and double bed appartment for rent...[View Complete Thread] Samata K. Housing/School Community 12/7/2017
Moving to Miramar Fl and looking for accmodation...[View Complete Thread] Deepak P. General 12/3/2017
Looking for Accomodation...[View Complete Thread] Vish T. Housing/School Community 11/13/2017
Need details of good financial advisor in Fort Lauderdale area...[View Complete Thread] Veena J. General 11/13/2017
Pembroke Cove Apartments...[View Complete Thread] Pradeepkumar P. Housing/School Community 6/12/2017
looking for appartment...[View Complete Thread] reena k. Housing/School Community 6/12/2017
Moving to Miami by June/July...[View Complete Thread] Pradeepkumar P. Housing/School Community 6/3/2017
Royal Palms Apartments...[View Complete Thread] Priyank S. Housing/School Community 6/3/2017
Expedited Green Card...[View Complete Thread] Gio A. Immigration 5/3/2017
Herbal / Medicinal Plants...[View Complete Thread] kyran R. General 4/18/2017
safe and public transport commutable housing near jackson memorial hospital...[View Complete Thread] saurabh s. Housing/School Community 3/24/2017
Looking for accommodation sharing / PG / rental...[View Complete Thread] Viralkumar J. Housing/School Community 3/16/2017
Looking for rental home...[View Complete Thread] Kavya Sree K. Housing/School Community 3/14/2017
Looking for a place in Doral, FL & High School...[View Complete Thread] Narasimha P. Housing/School Community 3/12/2017
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