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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
12/13/1772 Narayan Rao became the Peshwa at Satara.
12/13/1899 Pandurang Satu Naik, famous film photographer of Indian film industry, was born.
12/13/1902 Ilachandra Joshi, famous Hindi novelist, story writer, critic and journalist, was born.
12/13/1947 Nicholas Raerich, great philosopher, master-artist, prolific writer, scientist, educator, designer, poet, humanitarian, explorer, leader and social worker, died at Naggar, Kulu.
12/13/1955 India and the USSR affirm the Panchsheel.
12/13/1978 Sayyed Avid Husain, litterateur and Padmabhushan awardee, passed away.
12/13/1984 The death toll in a toxic gas leak from an insecticide plant in Bhopal, India, now is estimated at 2,100, and tens of thousands of residents fled the city today after it was announced that the Union Carbide plant would be started up again to neutralize the effect.
12/13/1986 Smita Patil, famous film actress, passed away.
12/13/1989 Kashmiri militants release the daughter of Indian Home Minister Mufti Mohammed Sayeed as five of their comrades freed from prison.
12/13/1991 Justice M. H Kania of Maharashtra sworn in as the 23rd Chief Justice of India.
12/13/1994 Vishwanath Annappa Tatyasaheb Kore, Padmashri awardee, passed away.
12/13/1999 Dr. V. Kurien gets the Paulos Mar Gregorius Award 1999.
12/13/1999 The Government lodges protest with the Pakistani Rangers following the discovery of a tunnel near the Indo-Pak border.
12/13/1999 The Railways announces concessions for senior citizens, students upto Class X and the poor.
12/13/2000 All 12 battalions of the Manipur Rifles Personnel strike from work.
12/13/2000 Vijay Samuel Hazare, former Indian cricket captain, becomes the first recipient of the 'Castrol Lifetime Achievement award'.
12/13/2000 Vikram Sood is appointed new RAW Chief.
12/13/2000 The Lok Sabha begins the Ayodhya-Babri Masjid debate.


Other Historical Dates and Events
10/23/1999V. P. Singh, former Prime Minister, tops the list of star witnesses in Bofors case.
4/11/1999A.K.A. Abdul Samad (72), general secretary of IUML and State unit president, died in Chennai.
2/11/1993Andhra Naxalites release four out of six hostages.
8/6/1997Cabinet approves a proposal to amend the Hindu Marriage Act and the Special Marriage Act, with a view to removing epilepsy as a ground for annulling marriage or for declaring marriage as null and void.
3/1/1909First Indian Iron Company 'Tata Iron and Steel' established.
4/23/1955Political Committee of Asian-African Conference at Bandung adopted an Indian resolution calling for a ban on atomic weapons.
7/21/1934Chandrakant Gulabrao Borde, cricket batsman (55 Tests for India 1959-67), was born in Pune.
3/20/1993Kondapally Seetaramaiah, founder of the Peoples War Group of Naxalities in Andhra Pradesh, arrested.
6/18/1918A. R. Rajrajvarma, famous poet of Malayalam language, critic and master of grammer, passed away.
6/18/1918Qutubu'd-din Aibak (1206-1210) was crowned at Lahore after the death of Muhammad of Ghuri. He was originally a slave of Turkestan. As he started his career as a slave, the dynasty founded by him in India is known as ""Slave Dynasty"". The construction of Qutabminar was started during his regime. Since he was very generous, the people called him ""Lakh Baksh"".