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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
Sun City India founded by Rao in Jodhpur.
5/12/1666 Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj meet Aurangzeb and was arrested.
5/12/1906 Gandhiji support the ""Home Rule"" for India in the name of ''justice and for good of humanity"".
5/12/1915 Rash Behari Bose, revolutionary leader, left India by boarding a Japanese steamer ''Sanuki Maru'' under assumed name of P. N. Tagore to dodge the British forces.
5/12/1923 Meera Mukherjee, great artist, was born.
5/12/1930 R. H. Tahiliyani, former Navy Chief of India Admiral, was born.
5/12/1937 George VI is crowned.
5/12/1949 S Vijaya Laxmi Pandit, first woman foreign ambassador, was received in US.
5/12/1952 Washington welcomes its first female ambassador, India's Shrimati Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit.
5/12/1955 The PM laid the foundation stone for the National Museum.
5/12/1966 Sardar Sikandar Hayat, President of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, resigns.
5/12/1984 Dr. Rajah Sir Muthiah Chettiar, social reformer, passed away at Madras.
5/12/1987 Britain's HMS Hermes becomes Indian Navy's second aircraft carrier named INS Viraat.
5/12/1992 Ms. Santosh Yadav (Indo-Tibetan Border Police) becomes the second Indian woman to set foot atop Mt. Everest.
5/12/1992 Security scandal, RBI extends probe to four foreign banks.
5/12/1993 Lok Sabha okays extension of President's rule in the former BJP-ruled states.
5/12/1993 Samsher Bahadur Singh, modern Hindi poet, passed away.
5/12/1995 India refused to sign NPT in its present discriminatory form.
5/12/1995 Supreme court stays Tamil Nadu Governor's orders allowing Dr. Subramaniam Swamy to prosecute Chief Minister Dr. Jayalalitha under Prevention of Corruption Act.
5/12/1997 Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan agree to set up joint working groups on a range of issues to be identified by Foreign Secretaries.
5/12/1998 Yeltsin feels let down by the Indian nuclear tests but says that Indo-Russian ties will not be hit.
5/12/1998 Bill Clinton, US President, asks India to sign the CTBT.
5/12/1999 Arunachal Pradesh Governor refuses to quit.


Other Historical Dates and Events
5/9/1866Gopal Krishna Gokhale, freedom fighter and political leader, was born in Kotluk village of Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra.
12/28/1905Sir Dr. Gajapatairaj Vijaya Ananda, the Maharajkumar of Vizianagram, ""Vizzy"", cricketer and Indian Right Handed Batsman, was born at Vizianagar. He was honoured with Padma Bhushan in 1958.
10/14/1998Prof. Amartya Sen was awarded the 1998 Nobel Prize for Economics. He became the sixth Indian, by birth or citizenship, to win a Nobel.
6/20/1916Sreemati Nathibai Damodher Thackersey (SNDT) Indian Women' s University, first women's and the fifth Indian University, was established in Pune by D.K. Karve.
12/25/1889Pandurangi Kodanda Rao, journalist, Hindi writer and social worker, was born in Visakhapatnam, A.P.
11/20/1990Union Government asks Supreme Court to repeal the $470 million Bhopal Gas settlement order.
2/19/1812Congregational missionaries Adoniram Judson, 23, and his wife Ann, 22, first sailed from New England to Calcutta. (Judson eventually concentrated his labors in Burma).
1/8/1968The Official Languages Act, 1963 was amended. Accordingly, a provision was made in Section 3 (4) of the Act of the effect that employees of the Union Government proficient either in Hindi or in English may carry out their work effectively and that their interests may no be adversely affected merely because they are not proficient in both the languages. According to Section 3 (5), it is necessary for bringing to an end the use of English language for the Official purposes of the union that resolutions to this effect are passed by the legislatures of the states (i.e. states where Hindi is not the Official Language) and after considring these resolutions, a resolution is passed by both the houses of the Parliament to put an end to the use of English language.
2/25/1993Kranti Renadev, a naxalite under trial in Andhra, freed.
4/18/1971Gavaskar makes 220 in second innings vs West Indies after 124 in first.