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Historical Event on 4/1/1997

Govt. clarifies it is illegal to carry a child on a two-wheeler in addition to a pillion rider.

Other Historical Dates and Events
4/15/1946Triumphant over flesh and pain they passed away our day of peace to Cain. The original memorial was erected from local stone and the main epitaph displayed above is of black Naga stone.
2/18/1983Violence between Hindu Tamils and Buddhist Singhalese in Sri Lanka marks beginning of Tamil rebellion by Tiger freedom fighters demanding an independent nation called Eelam. Prolonged civil war results.
3/25/1916S. M. Pandit, famous painter, was born.
7/31/1916Mohanlal Sukhadia, chief minister of Rajasthan and freedom fighter, was born at Jhalawar.
12/12/2000J.H. Patel, (71), senior Janata Dal (U) leader and former Karnataka Chief Minister, died in Bangalore.
1/18/1999Gul Panag (20) from Delhi was crowned Femina Miss India Universe at the Miss India 1999 beauty pageant in Pune.
1/6/1980In the general election (7th) of India, Indira Gandhi led Indian National Congress Party gains two-thirds majority in the Lok Sabha legislative elections.
10/29/1999L .K. Advani, Home Minister, says the Centre is in touch with cyclone-hit states.
12/3/1971Hostilities broke out between India and Pakistan. On the very night that hostilities commenced, with Pakistan bombing several air fields, IN Ships 'Rajput' and 'Akshay' were leaving Vishakapatnam harbour when they obtained a sonar contact. They fired several depth charges and proceeded on their mission when there was no further evidence of a submarine's presence. Thereafter, a loud explosion of rattling windows panes off the Vishakapatnam beach was heard . The Pakistani submarine 'Ghazi' (a Tench class submarine obtained from the USA in 1964) had come to grief.
7/19/1998The INSAT-2C satellite suffers ``disorientation'' - loss of earth lock - briefly.