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Historical Event on 4/1/1992

ESI ceiling of Rs. 3000 comes into effect.

Other Historical Dates and Events
1/23/1976Gautam Buddha's lost city of Kapilavastu was found in an excavation.
5/9/1997Hareesh Khandelwal, an accused in the fodder scam, commits suicide by jumping before a train at Dhanbad in Bihar.
2/16/1942The third IAF unit to operate the Lysander was No.4 Squadron, formed with four aircraft on 16 February 1942. This squadron was to continue to operate the Westland aircraft until it too was re-equipped with the Hurricane in June 1943.
8/17/1986In the Jehovah's Witnesses' case, the Supreme Court rules that ""singing National Anthem is not obligatory"".
11/13/1901Four Language panels were started on Rs. 10/- notes. First time four corner serial numbers were introduced. This panel had Indian languages which varied from state to state.
2/2/1921Mukundrao Kirloskar was born.
8/5/1994Yakub Abdul Razak Memon, a key accused in 1993's Bombay blast case, was arrested.
12/23/1993PM announces Local Area Development Scheme by which each MP can sanction projects worth Rs.1 crore.
7/2/1993ONGC converted into corporation by ordinance.
10/26/1999The Government rejected the demand that Rajiv Gandhi's name be deleted from the chargesheet in the Bofors case.