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Historical Event on 4/1/1935

The Reserve Bank of India was established as a Central Bank and the job of issuing notes was entrusted to this bank. The Commissioner's office which issued currency was abolished and was substituted by the Governer of the RBI. The issue offices scattered around the country came to be called as the regional offices of the Reserve Bank.

Other Historical Dates and Events
7/13/1957Behram Navrosji Karanjia, leading merchant and director of various companies, passed away.
5/15/1993K.M. Cariappa, field marshal and Major General, passed away at the age of 93.
4/20/1930The Viceroy imposes an ordinance for the suppression of terrorism, following a series of attacks.
11/29/1989Voters oust Gandhi and Congress party
1/5/1994Tamil Nadu Assembly passes two bills making the Chief Minister, the Chancellor of all universities instead of the Governor.
9/24/1999India's Krishnan Sasikiran and China's Wang Yu bagged the boys' and girl's titles respectively in the Asian Junior Chess championship in Vung Tau City, Vietnam.
4/5/1848Satara kingdom came to end.
5/28/1968Bhagwan Gopinathji Bhan, was a mystic saint of early 20th century Kashmir in India. He has been called a ""jivanmukta"" (liberated soul) or ""Aghoreshwar"" and his spiritual state has been described as ""Shambhavi Avastha"" (state of Shiva), died. He was a great devotee of Shiva and Shakti and took intense "Sadhana". His disciples and devotees set up an ashram at Kharyar in Srinagar in his name.
11/30/1759Alamgir was murdered by his minister Imad-ul-Mulk.
10/4/1999Kerala High Court orders Election Commission to booth-wise counting. The EC is likely to move the Supreme Court against this order.