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Historical Event on 4/1/1882

Savings Bank Postal system was introduced.

Other Historical Dates and Events
5/20/1994K. Brahmananda Reddy, 83, former Andhra Pradesh CM, passed away in Hyderabad.
12/1/1894Bhim Sen Sachar, freedom fighter, leader and Chief Minister of Punjab, was born.
5/18/1998India talks with the US on the nuclear tests.
3/20/1602United East India Company of the Netherlands i.e. Dutch East India Company was chartered by States-General of Holland. During its 96-year history, it became one of the world's most powerful companies.
12/28/1981Madras-Penang undersea cable commissioned.
2/10/1992Andaman and Nicobar Islands opened for foreign travellers.
2/10/1992Maharana Pratap, great revolutionary, soldier and freedom fighter, was born.
6/13/2000Yashwant Sinha, Finance Minister, announces a one-time settlement of outstanding loans below Rs. 10 crores in a move aimed at ridding the public sector banks of Rs. 51,000 crores of bad loans.
8/1/1920Under the leadership of Gandhi, the non-cooperation movement was launched against Lord Chelmsford. ""Firmness in truth,"" was his strategy of noncooperation and non-violence against India's Christian British rulers. Later, he resolved to wear only 'dhoti' to preserve homespun cotton and simplicity, followed with grassroots agitation. This began with renunciation of honorary titles like 'Sir' given by the British. Thereafter, it was followed by the boycott of legislatures, elections and other Government works. Foreign clothes were burnt and Khadi became a symbol of freedom. The movement was a great success despite firing and arrests. By the end of 1921, all important national leaders, except Gandhi, were in jail, along with 3000 others. However, in February 1922, at Chaurichaura, Uttar Pradesh, violence erupted and Gandhi called off the movement. He was imprisoned and the movement was over.
3/16/1995World's best 7th wkt stand of 461 runs by Bhupinder Singh Jr. & P. Dharmani.